• SAVE 50 – 75% of Lighting cost
  • 2 Year GUARANTEE
  • Retrofit NO Changes to existing fitting
  • 50,000 hours plus LIFECYCLE
  • NO Ultraviolet light = No UV associated cancers No insect Attraction
  • NO Replacement, Labour Maintenance Costs
  • REDUCE cooling costs
  • AUSTRALIAN Standards & Certifications
  • NSW Responsible Supplier E1349
  • Latest Europe test standards EN60968 EN61547 EN55015 EN61000
  • SAFER for people with disabilities
  • HEALTIER for young eyes
  • Local Business. Local Values

Sorry for not having prices online.
Please go to Get A Quote for individual price.
The constantly changing US dollar impacts directly on the cost of the LED’s.
Delivery and Instalation costs vary.
We only charge at the rate we purchased.
We will never mark up prices unwarrantedly or unnecessarily.
It also allows us to give discounts on individual orders.
Thank you for considering a locally family owned business.
Mark & Dawn.